ASG Global Trade Inc. endeavors to advance the Global Trade of commodities, technologies and goods and services with the countries of Africa to/from global markets throughout the world.
ASG Global Trade’s strategy of achieving it stated goals are outlined within the following objectives:

  1. Foster collaborative, long-term, public-private partnerships with interested African governments to achieve mutually beneficial goals of increased employment, worker development, production of value-add good and services positioned for sale and export to global markets.
  2. Targeted Research & Development (R&D) with country partners to bring net new products and services to world markets.
  3. Foster increased exports to enable our country partners increase their foreign currency reserves.
  4. Collaborate with our country partners in long-term workforce development, health and education initiatives within the context of product development, processing, production and trade export initiatives.

We welcome any inquires with regard to trade and export initiatives in Africa.